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Large Number of Apple Accessories on Amazon Reportedly Fake


Reports are coming in that Apple has filed a case against an Amazon distributor company for allegedly selling counterfeit Apple accessories in the Amazon website.  In a legal document that contains details of the complaint, Apple has purchased around 100 iPhone accessories from Amazon in order to verified whether they are genuine or not as part of their company’s crackdown on illegal counterfeits of their products.  Apple, the company known for its strict regulation of its certified products found that almost 90% of their purchased accessories from Amazon were fakes and of low quality.  However at first glance according to Apple, there is little indication of the fakeness of these products, especially for the untrained eye.

What is wrong with the fakes?

According to Apple, they discovered that most of the accessories sold such as phone chargers, connecting wires and others are of poor quality.  Most of these devices are either lacking some components or are wrongly calibrated, thus making them hazardous for use compared to original ones.  With that in mind, that these non genuine chargers are prone to overheating as well as short circuiting which can lead to fires and/or electrocution.  There have been cases reported where similar non genuine devices have exploded or caused fires as well as burns to people because of counterfeit accessories used on original phone units.

Apple’s Lawsuit

With that in mind and armed with these findings, Apple wrote to Amazon about the matter and found out that Amazon’s supplier, Mobile Star, LCC., are allegedly the culprit behind this.  In effect, Apple filed a lawsuit case against Mobile Star for allegedly selling fake products and also using the Apple logo in their business without legal authorization to do so.  Also included are the arguments that the said company places the general public at risk for selling sub-par products.  In its case, Apple claims that Mobile Star LCC violated the following things:

  1. Trademark Counterfeiting and Infringement
  2. False Designation of Origin
  3. Copyright Infringement
  4. Unfair Competition

These are filed in response to the damage done to the image of the company as well as its consumer base.  Apple is basically asking for $150,000 for each copyright infringement that Mobile Star LCC violated as well as a maximum of $2,000,000 damages compensation for each type of goods marked with an Apple logo sold to the market.  This massive corporate lawsuit was filed by representatives of Apple in the California Northern District Court in San Francisco and is still awaiting an assignment of a presiding judge for the case.


For the unwary customer who just really on the reputation of the company that sells Apple certified chargers and accessories, as in this case Amazon, always be careful and scrutinize each product you buy especially from the internet.  Only buy from trusted and certified distributors that are known to be affiliated with the Apple in order to aviod cases of backdoor oversight from popular sellers, as allegedly demonstrated by Amazon on this particular case.  If it is unavoidable that you must purchase, always pay attention to products that have good feedbacks from buyers.  Also pay attention to the price of an item, if it is too low from the ones offered in the market, chances are it is a counterfeit and that the quality is not assured.

Crime & Personal Safety in Bali

Crime & personal safety are important factors in choosing a place for a holiday. Every place has its issues, Bali is no different. Generally speaking Bali is a safe place to visit.

For a country that is so heavily populated, where people are usually hanging out in the street and the standard of living / average wage is low, Indonesia and Bali is remarkably safe. There are no ‘no-go’ areas in Bali and you do not have to look over your shoulder when walking down the street at night.

The most likely ‘crime’ that a tourist will come across while visiting Bali is a fake money changer short-changing them, or a taxi driver who ‘doesn’t have any change’. Serious crimes are rare, but do sometimes happen. If you should be the victim of a crime in the Kuta area, report it to the Tourist Police. Also the local police in Bali have an urgent problem call the police on (0361)224111.

As in other parts of the world its never a good idea to carry expensive items, jewelry and large amounts of money with you, without properly looking after them. If you must bring your tiara, leave it in the hotel safe. If you have $10,000 in cash don’t walk around with it while you hit the happy hour circuit.

While staying in a budget guest house be aware that when the room gets cleaned the person cleaning it sometimes has mates hanging around who mosey on it for a look. These places are often family owned, so it might be awkward for you to blame a family member if something is missing. One trick that travellers sometime use when using a guest house is to place their camera / iPod, wallet under a pair of underwear next to the bed. A thief is not going to rake through your dirty underwear…hopefully.

Really if you can afford it, it is best to avoid budget accommodation that might not have very good security and instead upgrade to a privately owned villa from a reputable company. One such company that specialises purely in Bali villas and has been operating for many years with an excellent reputation is Villa Concierge. They have over 900 beautiful properties to choose from.

Your biggest dangers in Bali are traffic accidents and swimming accidents. Keep your wits about you when you ride a motorbike or set off into the bright blue yonder, solo with a snorkel.

Bali is super harsh on foreigners who get involved with drugs, this means a kilo of heroin, a tab of ecstasy or a joint. They will throw the book at you and offer you a backdoor solution which will run into 10’s of thousands of dollars. Okay if you can afford it I guess. Steer clear of friendly locals on Jl. Legian offering dope of any kind, you’ll be arrested 2 minutes later.

How to Get the Healing Power of the Sun in a Drink

What if I told you there’s now a way to harness the power of the sun to prevent disease? And what if I also told you this power of the sun is now available in an easy-to-take capsule? Well, not only are both of these true, but there’s a ton of research to prove this new capsule could be one of the best supplements you’ll ever take.

As you may know, the sun is an incredible healer. When you spend time outdoors, your body uses the sun to produce vitamin D, which is an amazingly protective nutrient. But the sun does something else in your body. If you expose your body to too much sun, it can burn your skin. But you were created to spend time in the sun. So your body handles this danger by manufacturing protective pigments in response to the sun.

In much the same way, plants make incredible chemicals in their leaves to protect against the sun. That’s why plants are so good for you. They are loaded with nutrients thanks to the sun. But some of these nutrients are more powerful than others. And among the most powerful of these chemicals are those found in green tea.

I’ve told you about green tea over the years. Research has proven that green tea is one of the healthiest things you can put in your body.

Green tea is a favorite drink among the many Asian peoples of the world. It differs from black tea in that the leaves are not allowed to oxidize. The oxidation process imparts certain flavors to tea. But it also may alter the chemicals in the tea, rendering them less effective in some areas (but not all, as black tea is also found to carry significant health benefits).

So what are these powerful chemicals I mentioned? Green tea contains some of nature’s most powerful polyphenols, which are also considered to be antioxidants (free radical scavengers). The tea plant makes these phytochemicals in its leaves in response to sunlight. As these phytochemicals protect the plant, they can protect you as well, from a variety of problems.

The most common of the green tea phytochemicals are catechins. Green tea contains 10 times more catechins than black tea. EGCG is among the most powerful of this class of chemicals. Green tea is particularly loaded with EGCG, more than 1/3 of all its catechins. One cup of green tea can raise your EGCG level as much as 200 times over baseline.

Just how protective are catechins? These chemicals can dramatically protect your circulation. Endothelial cells are the inner lining cells of your vessels. Their function has emerged as extremely important in the development of hypertension and arterial damage. One study on smokers showed that just one drink of green tea can protect the function of these cells. It actually improves their ability to dilate blood vessels in response to stress.

Researchers in the Philippines conducted a small study on 15 patients who were not previous green tea drinkers. They gave the patients a cup of green tea to drink three times a day after meals for two weeks. Their average blood pressure fell from 130/87 to 117/81 after one week! After two weeks, it was down to 118/80. And their total cholesterol dropped from 235 mg/dL to 187 mg/dL.

If you have fears about cancer, many studies suggest that green tea will reduce your risk. One study followed men who had non-invasive prostate cancer. They found that taking 600 mg daily of EGCG from green tea reduced their subsequent risk of getting the deadly invasive form by 85%.

Another study found that EGCG can induce apoptosis in certain leukemias. Apoptosis is programmed cell death when cells go awry. Cancer cells lose this important function. Some patients of the author of this study then started consuming green tea in large amounts. Three of four patients had actual improvement with just the green tea. Green tea compounds lower the chemicals that stimulate blood vessel growth in cancers.

There’s more. Green tea can dramatically protect your brain. Studies have shown that it protects neurons from neurotoxins that can induce Parkinson’s.

Worried about Alzheimer’s? With green tea, you can worry a lot less. Green tea EGCG compounds reduce the destructive beta amyloid protein in mice brains by over 50%. The researchers said that a corresponding dose in humans would be about 1,500 mg per day. Beta amyloid is considered highly responsible for Alzheimer’s damage.

Green tea can also:

Protect you from sleep apnea-induced brain damage. Sleep apnea halts the flow of oxygen to your brain, which damages valuable brain cells.

Stop kidney stones. Green tea may reduce oxalic acid, a compound that forms stones in your urinary passages.

Freshen your breath. Less than 700 mg of green tea powder on your tongue reduces the production of foul smelling volatile chemicals made by bacteria in your mouth.